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The record label Holger was founded in 2013 by Jan & Steffen Bennemann. Briefly, Holger is a creative family combining diverse sounds and visuals from various playgrounds.

Holger label nights are considered to be an all-embracing, multi-sensory experience. As one of the founders Steffen Bennemann is the best to give a night the touch it needs, musically and emotionally. His vast-spanning DJ sets combine future and retro Techno and House with a distinctive left-field touch, but his love to synth-driven Kraut tunes can be heard all the way through. Webermichelson – a two-piece band from Leipzig – were actually the reason the whole Holger project came about. They have been at the core of the family ever since. Philipp Weber (guitar) and Sven Michelson (drums / machines) layer various guitar effects with driving and head nodding beats with parallels to 60s/70s Kraut, Mathrock, Ambient or Techno music. Other label artists like Dream Weapons (Greece) and Margot (Italy) join the family on tour. Photographer and visual artist Lianne van de Laar provides visuals in its most organic and beautiful way – her naturalistic and analog approach of creating art completes the audio-visual experience.

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